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Korea - Vietnam Fertilizer Co., Ltd (HUCHEMS)


KVF is a new fertilizer factory. We are building NPK factory in Hiep Phuoc IP and finding talent people for many positions at our factory.
As a world leading chemical product manufacturer, we provide core materials of fine chemical such as Nitric acid, DNT, MNB and Ammonium Nitrate.
The emblem 'HU-CHEMS' is the abbreviation of Human, Chemical, Science. It means Huchems is the corporation pursuing prosperity and happiness of all mankind. We have headquarters in Seoul and 14 production facilities in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do Industrial complex.
Based on fine chemical, we Huchems is ready to make the leap to global leadership in the advanced fine chemical industry. Huchems is a part of Taekwang Corporation.
In Vietnam, we have one fertilizer factory in Hiep Phuoc Industrial park which specializes in NPK manufacturing.

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