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TradeLink Technologies Ltd.

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TradeLink Technologies was created in late 1999 to help global importers and logistics companies connect electronically with their supply chain partners. The founders of the company went into business with the primary goals of facilitating better shipment information and maximizing supply chain information benefits for customers. The ultimate objective was not only to provide connectivity or EDI type compliance but to more importantly support and assist with forward thinking logistics and distribution processes such as direct shipments, shipment visibility event status, connect with trade finance partners, “paperless” trade documents, and more.
Equally important as these primary goals is TradeLink’s unyielding commitment to minimize costs and increase the usability of forward thinking technology. TradeLink was one of the first to employ and support XML standards as well as move secure data through the Internet. TradeLink was one of the first to deploy cloud based applications and couple those with robust local applications as needed. TradeLink has scaled some of these applications so that for lower volume or seasonal suppliers there is a cloud based option. Additionally, several of these applications have been RFID enabled to add more benefits. Last, all this shipping data is available in decision making reports or email alerts located in the cloud.
TradeLink’s value to their customer’s supply chain is its people and supply chain experience. TradeLink’s staff recognizes that its customers’ supply chains share similarities, yet each one is still unique. This observation – combined with TradeLink’s experience – enables us to quickly tailor a supply chain solution that achieves and many times exceeds the customer’s supply chain objectives. Evidence for this is the fact that TradeLink often asks its customers to do more.
Today TradeLink solutions are utilized by over 6,000 customers in over 70 countries. This count includes over 300 significant importer/brand and transportation companies that are TradeLink’s business partners. In its sixteen years of operations, TradeLink has saved hundreds of millions of dollars for its customers and plans to only amplify those savings moving forward.