1. HRA Support:

– Supervise filling of employee profile;

– Administer staff movement such as confirmation, transfer, promotion, resignation and termination. Maintain profile record of all staff movement;

– Follow-up & supervise new contract and renewal contract for all employees;

– Personnel data: paper works, filing system, record, report;

2. Compensation & benefits:

– Supervise the system of attendant record, overtime procedure, incentive, bonus and others benefits related to pay roll process;

– Assist to complete monthly payroll for RSC, full time, part-time employees;

– Complete & supervise social and health insurance, personal accident insurance or other insurance benefits for employees every month upon case-by-case;

– Contact social, health offices and labor authorities on providing labor book, social insurance book and health care card for employees;

– Follow up monthly/quarterly/yearly C&B report timely and correctly;

3. Others

– Conduct and support to HRA/ company’s activities;

– Supervise and implement HRA project which assigned such as Cadena soft, Attendant record machine;

– Other duties as assigned by HR Manager.


1. Education / Training Qualifications:

– BA degree in Social Sciences/ Business Administration/Human resource management is preferred;

2. Experience:

– Minimum 1-2 years of experience in C&B function/ General HR;

3. Knowledge / Skills / Personalities:

– Knowledge of Vietnam Labor law, policies/procedures regarding Human Resource Management (C&B, PIT, SI, HI, UI);

– Good Computer skill, good English and local dialect;

– Ability to work under high pressure.


  • In strict confidence, interested candidates please send your full resume online via “Apply for this job” below
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