Software Developer


  • iDentalSoft is a dental clinic application developed for US dental offices. This is a modern, powerful web-based  application that helps with the management and automation of a dental office.
  • As a software solution, iDentalSoft needs constant innovations and updates to keep up with the latest standards and to provide the best customer support.
  • Applicants will work on a practical basis in iDentalSoft modules.

Job Descriptions:

  • Participate in one of iDentalSoft’s many modules.
  • Solve technical problems in small projects.
  • Technologies research.

Educational background and quality requirements:

  • IT students (3rd, senior year, undergraduate or graduated).
  • Excellent or above average level (practical level, not necessarily score-based).
  • Good logical mind.
  • Hard-working and with responsibility.
  • High perseverance to spend time and efforts in solving or understanding difficult issues.

Technical Requirements:

Knowledge / experience in the followings:  (preferred but not compulsory):

  • Java, C#, C++.
  • Spring, Hibernate.
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Data Structure and Algorithms.
  • Database.


  • Chance to work in an environment that focuses on development, idea contribution and quality, while keeping an open-mind and disregarding fancy appearances.
  • Chance to train working skills, critical thinking and efficient communication.
  • Have a Chance to forge independent working skill along with effective team-work for a common goal.
  • The incumbents of this position will be guided to familiarize themselves with the working tools and procedures.
  • Candidates who have abilities and personalities suitable for the company culture will have the chance to rolong  ollaboration (undergraduates) or officially be part of the company (graduates).
  • Monthly allowance.

How to apply Software Developer:

  • In strict confidence, interested candidates please send your full resume online via “Apply for this job”
  • This job is expired!
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iDentalSoft is development office of iServiceSoft, a US company that located in Milpitas, California. Specialize in Dental software. iServiceSoft is a growing startup, that succeeds in developing new dental product, and now expending her man power. Joining iDentalSoft, you will be in a young, dynamic and capable team to develop a dental software that used in the United States.

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