University Engagement Intern 1065 lượt xem


  • Ensure the universities is supported fully including:

– Supporting team establishment

– Promote the university’s branding and identity

– Fan club/ Cheer team

– VUG events at university

  • Monitoring the universities operational handbook including:

– Ensure the university operation teams fully understand the handbook

– Ensure all aspects of the handbook are followed by the universities

– Contribute idea to the operational handbook if it requires any necessary change

or adjustment

  • Support Saigon Heat team and other activities  as assigned, such as contacting

partner, traveling preparation, researching, etc

  • Research information about sports activities and clubs, facilities
  • Produce and distribute agendas, minutes, memos and other correspondence relating

to the program as required.

  • Prepare recommendations and reports as necessary to meet reporting requirements
  • Ensure the timely and effective completion of tasks and activities.
  • Ensure a safe and healthy workplace and work practices.
  • Perform other duties reasonably required as directed.


  • Travel is required between HCMC and Hanoi
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  • 20 Nguyen Dang Giai, Thao Dien, D2, HCMC.
  • XLE GROUP is the holding company of Saigon Heat, SSA and Vietnam University Games. Our website: Saigon Heat is a professional basketball team and represents Viet Nam in the ASEAN Basketball League. The Heats inaugural season ran from January – June 2012 and has been evaluated as one of the most impressive sporting events in Viet Nam. Visit SGH at: www:
  • ---SSA is a unique multi-sports training school that currently coaches soccer and basketball. Our mission is to bring an international standard of sports coaching and training to Viet Nam.Beside coaching, SSA also organizes sports leagues, tournaments and community events. We will connect the community, both expat and local, and positively impact lives through our sports related activities.
  • ---Vietnam University Games (VUG) is a premier sports competition platform for universities in Viet Nam with focus on building the pride and loyalty of the students with their schools through sports activities. Visit VUG at: --- VUG, together with SSA and Saigon Heat team, aims to change the dynamics of sports industry in Viet Nam by creating self-financed and sustainable business models. Company
  • Size: 100-499