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British University Vietnam

BUV is the first and only international university in Vietnam to award 100% British Degrees

BUV students will be awarded degrees directly by the reputable and prestigious University of London and Staffordshire University. BUV provides an exceptional study environment with a faculty exclusively from overseas and staff training quality assured by the UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. Personalized coaching and mentoring at BUV provides students with unmatched advantages for their academic and personal development. BUV is proud of being the only University of London approved centre in Vietnam.

Currently, BUV programmes include International Business Management (IBM); Marketing Management; Accounting & Finance, Tourism Management (Degree by Staffordshire University) and Banking & Finance (Degree by University of London) and Finance and Economics (Dual degree by both Staffordshire University and BUV). The English for University programme will equip students who are not yet ready for a Bachelor’s Degree with a mastery of English and all the skills required for higher education. Moreover, the flexible credit transfer system makes BUV the top choice for pursuing a world-class education in Vietnam.

We commit to ensure the quality of the educational experience and the quality of the degrees matches or exceeds that of students in Britain, with our 100 % international faculty. Our students have good command of English, employable skillsets and good working attitude

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