The P&G ASEAN Business Challenge 2013 Is On


P&G Asean Business Challenge (ABC) is the 1st student program that gives participants real live case study & hands on experience in analyzing, planning, and executing a case study. Started in 2004, now it is scaled up to ASEAN level among competing countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine and Vietnam.


This is your ultimate opportunity to experience working in P&G and in getting a short-cut to getting an internship offer from P&G. At the core of this Business Challenge, it is an intensive & gruelling competition with lots of fun which will unleash your leadership, teamwork, analytical & problem solving skills and creativity. It’s all real-life challenging business situations and you are in the driver’s seat to experience it all first hand!

In this P&G ASEAN Business Challenge, you will experience:

1. Be part of the real action in planning & executing a marketing/selling plan out in the real world

2. Get your analytical skills and creativity into test to solve real-life business case studies

3. Be interviewed for an internship opportunity

4. Work in a team with ASEAN talents from various top universities in ASEAN countries, US, UK, etc.

5. Mingle & work with P&G Senior Managers – learn from their experience and advice

6. Mingle with P&G New Hires – hear unbiased experience of our new hires in P&G

7. Have some good fun yet productive and challenging. It’s a life changing and monumental experience!

National Finals

30 selected Vietnamese students will be competing in the National Finals in Ho Chi Minh City in a 4-Day 3-Night residential program. Teams will be formed randomly and will face several challenges to be worked on as a team. The main challenge is not just to propose marketing/selling plan, but also to execute those plans in the real world right away. Winners from the National Finals will progress to the ASEAN Finals. Each winner will receive a prominent prize and fully paid trip to ASEAN Finals venue which will be announced to the winners (venue will be within ASEAN countries).

ASEAN Finals

30 ASEAN students, the winners from each country – the best ASEAN talents will come together to compete for the most ultimate & fiercest challenge which is to become the P&G ASEAN Business Challenge Champion. Teams will be formed randomly where each team will have multi-nationality team members and the challenges will require you to work in your “ASEAN Team”. Your leadership, teamwork, analytical & problem solving skills and creativity will be put into test here. A truly real exposure of how you will work when you join us – Are You Ready for a New Challenge in P&G?

All related expenses during the event for the selected students will be paid for entirely by P&G. Participants of this Challenge who perform well during the Challenge and perform well in the interviews will be offered with internship offers. This is a great chance for you to secure an internship offer early and to secure a P&G job offer before you even graduate!

So what do you need to do exactly?

Complete your application by clicking “”. You need to register yourself, submit resume and submit your personal details.

1. Complete the online test called “Success Drivers Assessment (SDA)” – you need to complete this immediately and ensure you pass this test.

2. Sit for the Reasoning Test (RT) which will be done at our office or campus launch event – you must pass this test so be prepared! Advice – try the RT practice test before coming for the RT session at :

3. Pass the screening interview which will be done at our office

4. Only students who pass those 2 assessment tests and screening interview will be selected for P&G ASEAN Business Challenge.

P&G ASEAN is looking for students who aim to get experience in the environment of a multinational company in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry. Only 30 Vietnamese students will be selected for this Business Challenge.

The ideal candidates:

• are pursuing Bachelor’s Degree,

• are in their penultimate year for a 4-year course, opportunities also available for 2nd and 3rd year students for a 3.5-year course

• are interested to start their career upon graduation with P&G in home country or within ASEAN countries or in our regional office in Singapore,

• combine leadership skills with strong analytical capabilities,

• available either for at least 8 weeks for an internship between July to September 2013.

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If you have any question, please refer to FAQ section on the website, email us at