Toshiba Global Recruitment 2013 – Working in Japan


Time: 8h30 – 6th November 2012

Venue: Hall B4 – HCMUT

Global Recruitment Objective

To recruit highly capable graduates with outstanding potential, communication skill, and technological expertise who can support Toshiba in further enhancing its global competitiveness.

Career Opportunities

Toshiba will hire mainly in the following positions in Vietnam.

Job# AA001-AA012: System Engineer, Design & Development Engineer, Field Service Engineer, and Manufacturing Engineer for Power Systems

Job# AB012: Sales Engineer for Broadcasting & Network Systems

Job# AB013: Design & Development Engineer for Industrial Computer

Job# AC002-AC003: Sales Engineer and Sales & Marketing for Elevator & Escalator

Job# AD002-AD003: Solution Engineer in Toshiba Solutions Corporation etc.

Please see more details on this website.

Qualification & Requirements

Final year students and recent graduates with a bachelor’s or higher degree in Engineering and Science

Adaptable to different culture and willing to live and work in Japan for the long term (more than 10 years)

Possess effective communication skill with cross-cultural understanding

Set higher target and challenge difficulties with ardent passion and sense of commitment

Action-oriented and proactive in accomplishing tasks

Flexible to accept different ideas and think from counterpart’s viewpoint

Set the highest priority to compliance and act with an integrity

Job Type

Permanent full-time employee

Work Location

Toshiba headquarters, branches, factories, laboratories, and group companies located throughout Japan

Joining Date

July 2013 or November 2013 (Depending on your graduation date)

Employment Conditions

As per Labor Laws of Japan and prevailing Toshiba employment standards applicable to compensation, benefits, insurance, transport, accommodation, etc.

1.Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 7hrs 45min. a day (45 or 60min. lunch break)

2.Holidays: National holidays in Japan and additional company holidays (more than 20 days a year)

3.Starting Base Salary:

New graduates (Bachelor’s degree) → JPY 205,500/mth~

New Master’s → JPY 228,500/mth~

New Doctorate’s (PhD) → JPY 275,000/mth~

4.Overtime Pay: Overtime will be compensated. Overtime pay is payable for holidays, and regular working days when the employee is required to work more than 7.45 hours per day.

5.Incentive Bonus: Twice a year (July and December), depending on company and individual performance

6.Allowances: Commuting allowance (fully covered), housing allowance, child allowance, etc.

7.Annual Wage Increment: Annual (April), depending on company and individual performance

8.Paid Annual Leaves: 1st year → 18 days/12 months (prorated based on date of hire)

2nd year → 22 days, 3rd year onwards → 24 days

9.Social Security Benefits: Social Security Pension, Health Insurance, TOSHIBA pension, Accident Compensation Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, and other welfare benefits

10.Training Bond: 3 years

*Compensation & Benefits may differ in group companies.

Training & Development

1.Japanese language and culture

2.Continuous skill upgrading

3.Professional development

Work-Related Support

1.Full support will be provided in all relocation matters such as VISA application, moving arrangement, accommodation assistance, and guidance/support in adjusting to a brand-new life in Japan

2.Intensive Japanese language training will be provided

3.Counseling, advisory and information services will be provided pertaining to culture, living customs and business life in Japan

Career Development

Outstanding performers can look forward to be nurtured as leaders in either technical specialist or management paths in both line and staff functions.

Application Schedule

1.Interested students submit application through Toshiba’s global recruitment website: by 30th November, 2012.

2.Short-listed applicants attend 1st and 2nd interviews held in Vietnam in Dec 2012 and Jan 2013

3.Selected applicants will be invited to Toshiba in Japan for final interview in Feb 2013

4.Successful applicants will be offered positions in Feb 2013

5.After officially join Toshiba in Japan in July 2013 or Nov 2013, orientation, Japanese language training and induction for new hires will be conducted over a period of about 4 months

6.Official job assignment is targeted to commence in Nov 2013 or Mar 2014


Please email to, if you need further information (Attn: Mr. Hiroyuki Nishimoto or Ms. Makiko Muranaka)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it possible for me to work for Toshiba even though I cannot speak Japanese?

A1. Of course we welcome your application. We are seeking talents who possess outstanding expertise.

We offer intensive Japanese language training as well as various training such as business manners,

cross culture team-building, technical training, OJT, etc. to enhance your career development.

Q2. Is it possible to join one of the Toshiba overseas subsidiaries if I return to my home country in the near future?

A2. This is a permanent employment with Toshiba Group Companies in Japan. You may have opportunities to be assigned to the countries outside Japan on a temporary basis depending on business needs.

Q3. Are there any differences in terms of compensation and benefits compared with Japanese employees?

A3. We hire you under the same employment conditions as Japanese employees.

Q4. Does Toshiba cover my travel expenses for attending interviews in Japan?

A4. Yes, we cover all travel expenses (e.g. flight ticket, accommodation, transportation, meals and visa).