INKOMPASS – Internship Program from Philip Morris International 2016

>> INKOMPASS is a global initiative from Philip Morris International. We are now acceptingapplications in VietNam.


Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) is the leading international tobacco company, with six of the world’s top 15 international brands, including Marlboro, the world’s best-selling cigarette brand.

Effective January 2011, Marlboro cigarettes are manufactured under a sub-licensing agreement between PM Global Brands Inc. and Vinataba – Philip Morris Limited (VPM), a joint venture between state-owned corporation, Vinataba National Tobacco Corporation and PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk, a PMI affiliate. Currently, Marlboro cigarettes are distributed by the Branch of VPM in Ho Chi Minh City -VPM Branch.


INKOMPASS is a global initiative from Philip Morris International that offers an internship experience to those who would like to discover their potential.

This is a 2-cycle internship program which enables students to DISCOVER themselves, their interests, strengths, and areas of development through continuous feedback. They LEARN portable business skills from real business projects and a range of diverse experiences and disciplines. They also experience OPPORTUNITIES for building an international business network.


Two-cycle journey

Each cycle lasts for 6 weeks. The 1st cycle is mainly focused on the interns discovering PMI through onboarding and projects which involves interacting with people from different departments so you can learn more about the company and its operation. When you come back for the 2nd cycle, you are able to choose the function that you would like to work in. Based on the assessment and your merit, INKOMPASS guarantees an accommodation as far as possible with regard to choices they put forward.

Personalized development

As you progress through 2 cycles of the program, personalized is a continuous process that helps you in your learning and growth, which offers a different development plan for each individual intern. Real life project, coach and buddy You are offered meaningful, challenging real-life projects having definite KPIs. You are also accompanied with a coach guiding the project work to success and with a buddy getting you acquainted with company environment.

In Vietnam, we are looking for undergraduate students in 2nd year of studies, who are willing to be challenged and developed, interested in intensive personal development and international exposure.


INKOMPASS guarantees to give interns an international environment in which interns are challenged and appreciated. Interns would gain skill sets through project work and constant on-the-job trainings and coaching. After the program, a job offer with PMI is promised for qualified interns. The intern will be provided with a competitive allowance.


– Application Period: 11-Apr to 25-May, 2016

– Online Test Period: 19-Apr to 29 May, 2016

– On Ground Assessment: 24-Jun, 2016

– Internship Starting Date: 4-Jul, 2016


If you believe the above describes you, we are looking for YOU! Log on to:

Explore Vinataba-Philip Morris Ho Chi Minh City Branch, an affiliate of Philip Morris International, at

>> For any queries about the program, please contact our INKOMPASS team at:

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